The Last Occupant

Protecting the land and village which has provided food every day is an obligation for Mohamad Saleh Raja Paduka, a 62-year-old man. This old little man guards the Desa Tejang Dusun Tiga Regahan, which is now like a dead village, faithfully. Mohamad Saleh Raja Paduka or Datuk, people usually call him, with some devoted villagers do the patrol around the village, which had been abandoned for several days after the Tsunami caused by the eruption of Mount Anak Krakatau. 

The island with a total of 20,875 population is now only populated by 400 people after most part of the population was evacuated on December 26, 2018. 

Pulau Sebesi administratively located in the area of Desa ​​Tejang, Kecamatan Rajabasa, Kabupaten Lampung Selatan, Provinsi Lampung, Indonesia. This island is the closest to the Krakatau Group Islands and is a witness to the magnitude of the Krakatau eruption occurred in 1883. 

Severe on this island after “the Kalebu”, a term means tsunami for the people of Pulau Sebesi, which happened on December 22, 2018 destroyed approximately 5 villages on Pulau Sebesi, one of which was seen in Desa Teluk Baru, Desa Sianas and Desa Tejang. 

Some of the evacuated people who has to go back and forth from Lampung Selatan to their homeland in Pulau Sebesi.

Mad Hadi (a 40-year-old) and Nina Susanti (a 35-year-old) with her baby Nathan (a 2-month-old). Mad Hadi refused to be evacuated and insisted to stay in Pulau Sebesi.

Zainal Arifin (a 45-year-old) from Desa Tejang, Pulau Sebesi. Before the incident, no suspicious incident happening but people got a bad hunch with the strange signs of some sea snakes, turtles and seabirds that climbed up to the land.

Fachry,a fisherman,was in the sea for a fish when tsunami struck and found his home destroyed.

Robiansyah (a 31-year-old) secures his wife and child as refugees while he returns to the village to guard the village. The man who works as a primary school teacher feels responsible for the safety of his village

Mohamad Saleh Raja Paduka (a 62-year-old) village elders who diligently monitor the movement of sea water on the beach every night.

When the Tsunami arrived, Sulaiman’s  (a 40-year-old) his boat was swept away by waves.

Like a dead village, Dusun Tiga Regahan Lada Desa Tejang abandoned by its people. There was nothing left but the wreckage

The broken telecommunications access on Pulau Sebesi due to the disaster had made the island isolated.

Ahmad Qurtubi (a 36-year-old), there is no excessive fear because he believes that this is a temptation that will quickly subside and nature be peaceful again.

Helmi (a 33-year-old), wife and 2 children had to be evacuated to Lampung Barat, chose to stay guarding the village, ignoring their fear, monitoring the nature condition of the sea and the Krakatoa mountain. Able to inform the conditions to other villagers is the most important thing to him now.

Sightings of Mount Anak Krakatau which had collapsed from a distance. This island is the land closest to the Krakatoa island group and was a witness to the magnitude of the Krakatau eruption that occurred in 1883.

Night patrols were carried out alternately to monitor the village from robbing.

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