The Black Cross

We will never know where and when death will pick us up. The way we end this life is also still a mystery that will unfold as time goes by ticking little by little. 

Luckily when we are at our age, we are surrounded by the closest people, like family and those who care about us. However, a misfortune when we face the end of our lives when no one else knows us. 

There is a heroic story from a group of people who rarely highlighted the news and cameras. They were given the nickname “black bars” also known as the nameless body hunters. They perform social duties to care for the disadvantaged: bodies and dead corpses without the person caring for them. 

Most of their duties called the black bars are taking care of the corpses of the capital without identity. According to many sources claimed that most of the corpses were victims of accidents, murders, and corpses found in many of this cruel city of Jakarta. 

The corpse rigidly cooled without having a caring person and providing a proper funeral procession. According to the accounts of some members of the Black Cross consisting of approximately 50 of these people. Many of the unidentified corpses they care to get to the grave are from social institutions that house the homeless in Jakarta. In addition, they also treat the bodies of abortion victims or unfortunate babies who discarded their irresponsible parents. The bodies of babies and orchans are usually found in sewers and garbage cans.

Usually these bodies are buried in public cemetery (TPU) Pondok Rangon Jaktim or Tegal Alur Jakbar. If you may visit this public cemetery. Then you can find tombs with a gravestone written code name from the hospital and a description of the corpse that was buried there. Like Mr or Mrs, Adult or children.

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