Caring The Soul Of The Jungle

The spell exclaimed supernaturally from all directions. For the gods of the mountain, for the haunted one, for the Prophet Solomon. A special appeal for a friend who roar in the occult. After the spell was spoken, time seemed to stop. Mat Nasir and Saimun danced softly. The foot on the tarpaulin accompanied the weak dance. The fretfully voice of Mat Nasir singing an old song. His eyes were shut. Meanwhile the youngest Gindo Rahim sank into a thicket somewhere. 

The dance slowed down, the old bodies changed character. They crawled like tigers, eyes glazed, roaring, clawing at the ground. Gindo emerged from the bushes, sniffing the offerings, stealing grilled chicken and then hiding again. 

In the Kerinci tradition, these special people are called the Friends of the Tiger. Old traditions also know the story of the Keinci man who can turn into tigers. The myths scares many people. Culture in the Kerinci volcanic unites humans with tigers.
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In the midst of the jungle of the Kerinci Seblat National Park, Desa Air Liki is located, which access is difficult. This is an isolated area, the Sumatran tiger roaming area, so this region is prone to conflict between man with the Sumatran tiger. In 1986, not far from Desa Ranah Kepayang, Sumatran tigers attacked 2 residents, one of whom was killed.

In the middle of the hill embankment in remote Kerinci Jambi, a party for “the best friend” is held. Three brothers from Mount Seven invited their “three friends” of Mount Masurai who come roar in the occultation. Sumatran tiger is considered as sacred animals that must be respected.

Sumatran scars and bite from the Sumatran tiger are still clearly mark on Abdul Malik’s head, a resident of Desa Air Liki, Kecamatan Tabir Barat Kerinci. The Sumatran tiger attacked Abdul Malik and one of his colleagues in 1986. Abdul Malik survived from the attack while his colleague did not. Desa Air Liki, where Abdul Malik lives was in the middle of the jungle of Kerinci Seblat National Park with very difficult access. This is an isolated area which is also a roaming area for Sumatran tiger, so this region is exposed to conflicts between humans and Suamtran tigers.

The residents of Desa Air Liki Baru Dusun Ranah Kepayang, Kecamatan Tabir Barat Kabupaten Merangin Jambi is herding cattle in the wilderness Kerinci Seblat National Park background. This area is an isolated area which is also a Sumatran tiger roaming area.

Snares, shotguns etc that were confiscated as evidences by the Patrol Team from poachers.

Villagers of Desa Durian Rambun patrolling around the village forest at the border of Kerinci Seblat National Park which is the Sumatran tiger habitat. Public patrols based on community awareness of the forest benefit and the importance of protecting the forest area which is home for the protected animals.

Tiger roars and scratches were suddenly seen in the middle of the Ngagah Tiger dance ritual Desa Pulau Tengah, Kerinci Jambi. The arrival of ancestral spirits possessed the dancer’s body or the audience with movements like a tiger.

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