The peaceful demonstration of Bela Islam organized by various mass organizations and religious elements ended in riot on Friday night, November 4. In fact, when held since 13:30 pm, the demonstration was peaceful and orderly. Head of Public Relations Division of Police Headquarters, Inspector General Boy Rafli Amar, admitted the riot in front of the State Palace because there is a group of people who threw provocation continuously “there was a group of people whose intention was not to protest, but did want to attack officers. They break the barrier of security and want to get closer to the Palace, while it is not justified” said Boy when giving a press statement at Police Headquarters on Saturday, November 5. 

In the event, Boy also explained the chronology of demonstrations that contain the demand for legal process against the Governor non active, Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama alleged blasphemy religion done. Based on data from police in anarchist action that 3 vehicles on fire. 20 other vehicles were damaged, of which 18 were thrown by rocks. In addition, there were 160 people from demonstrators who were outpatient at the Budi Kemuliaan Hospital due to a lack of force against tear gas. As many as 100 police officers who were treated for injuries. From the action, the police are still examining 10 people suspected of being an anarchist action provocateur


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